Welcome to a haven for healing. A place where Western and Eastern medicine find peace and holistic care is the focal point for every individual — body, mind, and spirit.

What do horses, nature and healing have in common?

A lot, actually.

In our ever quickening world — especially the fast-paced modern world of a healer — we often lose touch with the present. The moments that make our lives whole and complete are often caught up in the panic of what needs to be done next or in the worry about the past … nature and horses remind us to “just be” and bring us back to that moment that counts; allow us to wrap our arms around what matters and face the tide of what will come next with confidence and courage.

It is our mission at New Level Healing to provide a safe place for those who need to take a moment for themselves — a moment to find their footing, a moment to reconnect, a moment to carry with them moving forward in their life’s journey. Horses, who live in that “just be” present space we all wish to occupy, become our willing teachers and the nature around us becomes the space in which we make room for ourselves.

Your guide for this experience — as well as its integration with Integrative Holistic Medicine — is Dr. Heather Wilkinson.

Meet Dr. Heather Wilkinson


Dr. Heather Wilkinson is a physician Board Certified in medical acupuncture and holistic medicine, as well as being both Board Certified and a Fellow in emergency medicine.  She was accepted to the Academy of Integrative and Holistic Medicine’s first class in a 2 year medical fellowship in integrative medicine.  She lives here on Johns Island, South Carolina with her 2 rescue dogs, rescue cat and her horse named Abhainn who is also a skilled healer in his own right.  She currently works at Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery Center at Freshfields Village and is also a Certified Equine Gestalt Certified Method Coach.

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A New Level experience awaits ...

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Our mission is to provide a safe haven for recovery from pain, illness, disease or loss. We are a sanctuary utilizing the healing power of nature, the love of Equus and the compassion of our distinctive integrative medical approach (acupuncture, neurofeedback, meditation, laboratory evaluations to name a few) to co-partner with you as life changes and challenges present themselves. We have a cooperative approach allowing you to find your unique path to holistic healing and health: Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul.