Heather brings a soft safe space to her clients where growth and change takes place naturally.  She is a gifted woman who surrounds her clients with love. 

Linda B Park Ridge, IL

Heather’s experience as an ER doctor really comes through in her coaching style – she has a solid and reassuring “bedside manner”, that helps her clients feel safe to work through and heal painful issues so they can create a new, empowered future.  She is grounded, encouraging, supportive and focused, effectively guiding her client to a place of wholeness and healing. 

Lorrin M Santa Fe, NM

Heather does an amazing work with people.  She is able to partner with horses to set a space that makes you feel safe.  She has a strong intuition and that helps find your inner beauty. 

Lindsey S. Chivington, CO

Heather is a true healer.  She is an outstanding listener, truly creating a sacred, healing space where her clients are deeply heard and healed.  It is a beautiful gift to be coached be her and her equine partner. 

Jacyln M. Boulder, CO

Heather has such a beautiful connection with her clients.  She sets a space where you feel safe to share absolutely anything.  Very perceptive coach. 

Rie B. Charlotte, NC

Heather has an amazing ability to truly be present and connect with people.  In doing so, she creates an incredible sense of safety and acceptance for clients as they examine themselves and move towards healing.  

Amy M. Wetaskiwin, AB

I just wanted to let you know that I feel FABULOUS – more energy and greater stability – THANK YOU!!  The funniest thing happened when I got home from the appointment – my dog licked all of the acupuncture sites on my hands/legs/feet on my right side only – fascinating. 

K.O. Wayzata, MN

Wonderful experience for my first time receiving acupuncture.  Great results, caring and compassionate doctor.  

K.G. Kiawah Island, SC

I have been on an airplane 14 out of the last 15 weeks and I haven’t been sick a single day – thanks for taking care of me! 

D.F. Franklin Lakes, NJ

Dr. Wilkinson is that rare type of physician and one most in her field should learn from. Her compassion is beyond measure and only exceeded by her knowledge and bedside manner. This statement comes from a person who until meeting her thought his life would be full of nothing but pain. After three spinal surgeries and two fusions before 41 years old, I was convinced the rest of my life would be spent hoping for the good days and living through the bad ones. Nothing could be further from the truth after meeting and being treated by her. Dr. Wilkinson started by listening to my history, which helped alleviate my frustrations, and then used her wisdom and experience to prepare a treatment plan that has had a tremendous positive impact on my overall condition. Acupuncture simply works!!!!

She is not a miracle worker but is a physician that knows what to do to help pain and more over make your attitude improve via her amazing positive attitude. Just her personality alone brings comfort and that is something one just does not find often. Dr. Wilkinson takes the time to learn what works and what can be made to work better and she never pushes nor hurries my treatments. This is such a refreshing experience! To be treated as a patient and not a number is wonderful. I would urge anyone on the fence or even thinking of acupuncture to call her and let her help you. The treatments are not painful especially compared to the constant nagging ache of not being treated. Her expert hands make relief come and that is a freedom and a joy that until you feel, you will not appreciate. Dr. Wilkinson is the best and I recommend her completely!!!!!!!

Stuart Rumph

I just wanted to thank you for your advice.. I started pairing my turmeric with black pepper, as you suggested,  (along with the acupressure) and within 5 days I am symptom free. I woke this morning pain free and no tightness from my inflamed Achilles tendon, I thank you again. Wishing you well with your New Level Healing Center, your friend Tom.

T.S. Charlotte, NC