We are creating a healing haven …

This project is an on-going effort to create a place where we will engage in a healing Haven — healing the Body by lab assessment, exercise, healing past traumas; the Mind by correcting medical imbalances, experiencing nature and horse coaching; the Spirit via nature, horses, and community with fellow retreat members.

We will be serving Wounded Warriors and the General Public in addition to those who may be suffering from compassion fatigue and burnout such as Police, Fire, Rescue, EMS, First Responders, Medical and Veterinary Professionals and Caregivers.

We can’t do it without YOU!

We are in the process of searching for our perfect location so stay tuned! We will be serving wounded warriors, emergency responders, physicians, nurses, caregivers, and anyone who needs a place to overcome past trauma and THRIVE in a new world.

Keep reading to learn more … or call Heather now at 843-732-0499 or Email her directly at drheather@newlevelhealing.com to learn how YOU can be a part of this amazing project!

Why horses; why nature?

Telling your (life) story in its entirety in a healing, natural location enhances the power and capability of personal recovery experiences. This is the foundation of Biophilia or Ecotherapy which have both been extensively researched and proven to be an effective mental, emotional, spiritual and physical treatment.

Horses are especially in tune with humans in trauma. Horses can find inside of us that which need healing. They do not judge. They do not hold back their compassion. Horses help us integrate our past with our present and embrace a brighter future. 

As the word is getting out, therapy with horses is being researched more and more as the anecdotal stories of healing and recovery are undeniable.  EGALA has been featured on multiple news features and in books – the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method takes the healing to a different level by utilizing gestalt  and respecting the horse as an integral part of the session.

Our plans include:

• A wellness sanctuary that serves the community — and beyond — with a place to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

• A medical practice that listens to patients — providing evaluations and treatments that align with each individual patient’s needs including the integration of Western and Eastern approaches as well as Spirituality, accupuncture, neurofeedback, and more!

• A facility to provide equine assisted coaching using the established Equine Gestalt Coaching Method (EGCMethod®) to help those who need to integrate the past with their present and create a better future.

• A haven for those who have been affected by PTSD and trauma including veterans, medical professionals and the general public.

• A place for nature to flourish with organic greenhouses and gardens; preservation of farmland; nature trails and, of course, horses!

• An alternative resource for those with chronic pain that combines the best of traditional medical approaches with integrative medicine that goes beyond treating the symptom of pain and addresses the lifestyle change that accompanies a life-changing injury or diagnosis. Addiction recovery is a part of this resource.