Have you ever wondered — Why does my horse do that?

You already love your horse, now get to know him a little better.

What if you knew your horse’s personality and temperament?

Well, you can, thanks to Equusology. Equusology is the art of human-equine relationship. Until now, there were plenty of personality tests for humans, but nothing that helped humans understand their own personality and that of their horses. Equusology does just that. The entertaining Equusology text, questionnaires, stories, and examples bring humans and their equine partners into clearer communication and deeper understanding of one another. And the Keirsey Temperament Sorter (for humans) and Equusology sorter (for horses) make the process fun and enlightening.

The award-winning book by
Melisa Pearce and Carolyn Fitzpatrick.

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Not your average horse clinic

• You will discover your horse’s temperament typology and how it affects behavior.

• You will learn about your typology and how it impacts how you interact with your horse.

• You will practice, hands on, how to better communicate with your horse.

The result?

A FUN, life changing horsemanship experience!

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Whoa! Where did that reaction come from?

Most of us have had an experience that left us wondering why the horse did something that seemed so out of character. Was it pure obstinacy, disobedience, or confusion? After all, you feed him, groom him, and work with him. You have learned about natural horsemanship methods, but you still feel that you and your horse are often listening to different drummers. What’s the deal?

The answers to these questions and many more are in this book and we put them into practice at Equusology Camp. Equusology exposes the missing link that you have been searching for to cultivate a more rewarding relationship with your horse. Equusology is the study of human and horse typologies. Within our pages, you will find illustrations and explanations relating to what you have been observing, and now you will be able to justify your interactions with your horse.

This is the first book that explains the importance of knowing both your temperament and your horse’s temperament. This is the first clinic that seeks to help you understand your horse at his level and gives you tools to be able to communicate better as partners.