Coaching with a Horse

Horses are amazing intuitive healers. They know what’s not working inside us even when we’re not sure. Being present with a horse coach and a Gestalt coach like Dr. Heather can fast track your healing process. 

This is not talk therapy — this is experiential coaching and it works. A recent research study showed that 96% of particpats felt more hopeful after an Equine Gestalt Coaching session and 97% of surveyed participants would participate in another horse session. (see

Equine Gestalt Coaching sessions happen during Dr. Heather’s workshops and retreats but can also be scheduled privately and in groups. Equine Gestalt Coaching is outstanding for team building workshops as well!

Get to the emotional and spiritual root of what has you out of balance by listening to your whole body in the presence of a horse.

Gestalt Coaching

Gestalt is a unique process that illuminates the natural unfolding of your awareness through the body’s response and release, within a container of creative and experiential methods. You will become more connected to your body and aware of the messages within, as you learn the value of the distinction between response and reaction.

 Gestalt Coaching can benefit:

Human Empowerment
Life Transitions
Childhood Trauma
Grief End of Life Resolution
Family Dynamics
Combat Trauma
Couples and Marriage Improvement
Body Image 
Victim Recovery
Conflict Mediation
Depression Reinvention of Self
Corporate Team Building
Leadership Recovery

Gestalt Coaching can be done 1-to-1 or in groups. 


Workshops and Retreats

Dr. Wilkinson is working on locations to hold 3-5 day retreats in 2020 with focus on health, equine gestalt method and community. If you have a location or are willing to host one of these retreats, please call or email Dr. Heather.

Equusology: Ever wonder why your horse prefers trail riding over arena work – or vice versa? Come learn more about your horse’s personality by spending 2 days connecting to your horse in a different way of honoring him or her! As a bonus, you will learn more about yourself as well – all in a fun and interactive manner.

Team Building: Having a happy and productive team is key to any successful business. Team building has been shown to be effective investment for improving team dynamics. This is not a team building workshop inside a stuffy conference room – but an interactive, gestaltist experience between team members… and horses!

Look for details coming soon on some destination locations!